Saturday, 14 May 2011

My new lactating site

Posted on Monday May 9 11:49:00 BST 2011

Guys..... nearly there!

I bought my domain name this morning and now need to wait up to 72hrs for it to do what it needs to do...... A good friend of mine is building the forum in the next few days, then it can go live! Whooohooo

So excited to be up and running.

I bought a brand new double breast pump at the weekend. That should arrive in a few days! You'll love my milking clips with that, i'm sure of it. Both breasts being emptied at the same time. HOT, HOT, HOT!

Right, must get back, otherwise there'll be no site :-( But first, I need to make a nice cup of cha and grab a bickie or two..hehe! I need to keep my calorie intake up as i'm loosing so much through prumping and feeding.

Will be back soon xxx

Posted on Saturday May 7 14:11:00 BST 2011

I'm nearly there guys..... Just working out all shop products and delivery costs etc....

Then once thats done, the forum and home page...... it can go live!

whoopppyyyyy :-)

Kelly xxx

Posted on Saturday May 7 10:23:00 BST 2011

Hi there

If youre reading this, It means i've kept your attention and you're wanting to stay :-)

I'm still busy building the site at the moment and it's very exciting... Obviously by the time you read this, it'll be complete and live. I've spent a few hours digging out photos to put up. As I do more and more clips, you'll see more and more pictures going up and of course, the more and more I pump my breasts, the bigger they'll be getting!

So are you ready for that?!

Feel free to leave your comments, leave donations towards breastfeeding vitamins (that I take) and for more nursing bras, bottles etc.. And please leave comments and email me. I love to recieve emails from my fans. After all, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here now.

Right, better get back to the project!

Till next time

Kelly x

Posted on Thursday May 5 16:06:00 BST 2011

Welcome to my site and of course to my first blog post.

This will tell you a bit about me, Kelly Hart and how I have become here with you now!

I started out in the glamour modelling industry just a few years ago, where I worked with many photographers and models. I become booked up with daily shoots very quickly. I worked with other girls for their sites and adult Tv. After a few months I fell pregnant with my first born and worked up until the day I went into preterm labour. Everyone wanted to do pregnancy shoots with me. I realised then, that there was a big market for pregnancy pictures.

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to breastfeed my children. I was breastfed and knew that this was the right way to start my children's lives off. Little did I know, that as much as this is the most natural thing anyone can give to another person, but also the hardest but most rewarding too.

After the birth, baby and I just couldn't get the whole breastfeeding off to a start. I was devasted. Surely, baby just sucks away? No... there's a nack to the latching on and lapping like a little cat :-) So then, I sat in my hospital bed and started the expressing process. Express and syringe feed, express, feed..... it went on! Finally I was offered some help by a midwife and then we cracked it! Baby and I were then happy... I was finally doing exactly what I had always wanted too and baby was off to a good start.

Day 4 after the birth came - OH MY GOD!!!!! what are these?.... My boobs were HUGE! Rock solid and lumpy. My milk had come in. And OUCH!! So, so painful :-( No one had ever warned me about this. But with perserverance, I kept baby on as much as possible to relieve the pain and such full breasts.

Sure enough, the engoregment calmed down as baby and I got into a little routine and then the feeding became pleasant.

When baby was 6weeks, I had developed Mastits in my right breast. I was very ill with a fever and put onto antibotics straight away. The key was to keep feeding and get through it. We succeeded!! This infection was down to over producing milk. I had kept on with the expressing aswell as feeding and had far to much milk.. But little did I know at the time, I wasn't emptying the breast fully each time - so the infection started. We then fed happily and well up until she was 10months when she finally didn't want mummy anymore :-( My not so baby had weaned herself from me. This was a very upsetting time for me, but of course she was happy and had been given 10 months of my love and milk ~ so I was happy :-)

Within the last few months of the feeding I began training to become a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. I was very passionate about breastfeeding and wanted to share that with other mums.

Around this time, I also found! I was able to produce and sell my home made videos to the general public. I was still producing milk, even though my daughter had weaned from me. So why not make the most of it! My early clips are found at

8 months later, I fell pregnant with my second baby. My milk dried up immediately. But I was then able to carry on working and produce pregnancy clips - which as I knew were very popular. This enabled me to be a full time mum and work at home with my own hours. What more could any mum want?!

My baby boy was then born... and like the first time, wouldn't feed. It was like being a first time mum all over again :-( After 2days, we realised that the lack of feeding was due to his jaundice and not me :-) So once again, I started the expressing and syringe feeding until he was strong enough to feed.

wow - within a few days he was feeding very, very well. Much better than my daughter ever did. But perhaps it was because i'd been through so many highs and lows with feeding her, that I was more confident and relaxed second time round. I loved the whole feeding process.

He is now 11 weeks and still feeding well... I have been producing more milk than he needs and already selling it by the bottles :-) I express daily and now that I have this new site, I will start expressing more. More expressing means bigger boobs for me and more milk for you!!

Just the other day, a good fan of my clips suggested that I build my own lactating site. One for you all to enjoy with me! So here I am now.. In the process of building and gathering content. It will be linked to my clips4sale store, so you can purchase them at any time.

I hope you enjoy my site and clips and I thank you for your support in advance.


  1. Your amazing, wish I knew you in the real world. Your main site has been suspended.

    Do you ever check here?

  2. Would love to be breastfed by you, Kelly - already seen your videos online, and you are a true wet nurse with your dirty talk. Love to see more of you in the near future!!

  3. I already watched you on lactatingdreams site
    I loved your boobs
    I loved your nipples
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I wish I were beside you all the time
    I hope to lactate your tits
    How can I contact you ??
    I need you in my life
    I cant express my feeling when I saw you
    please please help me